My name is Bellisia Khumalo, I am 44 years old.
I am living at Zuurbekom and currently doing sewing at Ridge Park Sports Club.
I will like to take this opportunity to thank you for the enthusiastic work you have taught. Highly appreciating to my teacher for the patience and kindness towards us.
My dream is to be a fashion designer.  


My name is Betty Motsemme. I am 33 years old.
I am from Wolmeranstad. I am here to learn how to use a sewing machine. Since I started to attend this school I know how to use a sewing machine and also crocheting designs. When I finish here I want to improve myself.
I want to be a fashion designer and to be professional.  


My name is Emely Mphela.
Firstly I will like to show my gratitude by thanking Megan Sewing for this wonderful opportunity she has provided us with. We have received it with our warmest hearts. After completing this training course skills from Megan Sewing, my goals will mainly be on starting my own business of sewing which will be giving back to the community. Starting my business will be a stepping stone and I am willing to learn more and improve my skills by learning more about sewing.
My main goal of starting a business with my colleagues is in hoping to uplift the community by training the upcoming youth and teaching them the basic sewing skills. Our business target market is namely; schools (Zuurbekom Primary) NGO (Philani Community Development Centre), churches, companies and community members.
It is my greatest honour to have received this training opportunity as I am looking forward to learn more and improve my skills in sewing.  


I am Esther Gosetsemang Diphepenyane.
I gratefully thank and acknowledge the skill which I have obtained from Megan Sewing Company.
The creating of school bags, handbags, pillow cases and sheets is going to change the people lives in Zuurbekom for the better as I will be applying my talent to create my next phase of sewing skills.
My next phase is to create dresses for school children, scarves in the winter season and sleeveless jerseys in the summer time, as well as home decorations eg. Duvet and pillow cases, that’s my target.
My market is Zuurbekom Intermediate School, churches around my area for hats, Philani Community Centre, CWP Employees and needy community members.    


My name is Mpolokeng Florence Sengadi.
Thank you to Megan is the 1st thing to say.
My dream is to open up a school for disabled children. To uplift them and take them off the streets and to help them to be someone in the community and to give them hope.
I think that my sewing machine will make me money so that I can help many people to be a success.  


My name is Juliet Xaba.
I am 51 years old and I will love to continue sewing for schools or work for a sewing company as it is my passion and something I want to grow with.
My wish is to help children with decent school uniforms so when I am professional I want to join those who produce uniforms for Zuurbekom Intermediate School.
I express my gratitude to have been given this opportunity as it has been my true desire from 2012. It is an honour to be part of this Sewing Company as it helps me with my dream.
Thank you to you.  


My name is N Lina Ahubaraeze.
I would like to supply Grade 1 students with chair bags and pencil bags.
I would like to further my business by supplying tracksuits as well.
I will employ local ladies to help me as my business grows.  


My name is Lovenes Mbulelo Mzonke
I am 29 years old. I grew up in the Eastern Cape and lived with my mother, three sisters and brother.
I am now living in Johannesburg.
I would like to open up my own business and help others who are not employed by giving them work.
I will also like to thank Megan for the wonderful opportunity she has given us.  


My name is Makeepile.
I have learnt to use my machine and am very grateful for giving me my opportunity to get something in my life.
I was sorry when my house burnt down but when I get electric again I will make my machine work.
Thank you uSisi Omkhulu Megan for helping me to learn.  


My name is Malibogwe Monki.
I am 30 years old and from the Eastern Cape.
In my dreams I have always wanted to be a Clothes Designer because I always used to see my mother sewing.
Thank you uSisi Omkhulu.  


My name is Mary Sikhulu.
My dream is to finish matric and to be the best mother to my four children.
I would love to have my own house one day.  


My name is Noxolo Zondo.
I am 19 years old.
Firstly I would like to thank you for this opportunity that you have given me. And in this sewing course I have learnt a lot and it will be an honour to learn more. I have never imagined that I will sew anything but since I know now I will like to pursue on this wonderful journey.
Since I am a high school dropout, I am glad to have found my path and this is going to be my bread and butter.
Thank you so much to this organizer of this learner ship.
Thank you.  


My name is Siviwe Pamella Magcai.
I was born 1988 and I am from the Eastern Cape, Sterkspruit, in a small village called Khiba Stone.
I have always wanted to be a Dress Designer, but I unfortunately lost my parents at an early age and I couldn’t complete school.
Joining uSisi Omkhulu has big time made me realise that this is the beginning of my dreams coming true.  


My name is Poppy Ngamole.
hanking you Aunty Megan.
I will love to make clothing for little school children that play.
I will also want to make curtains.  


My name is Queen Mabindisa,
I was born in the Eastern Cape (Mount Fletcher) I am now based in Johannesburg.
When I heard about this project of sewing I was in the line for the line for the soup kitchen at Ridge Park bowling club. I was interested.
This project came into my life as a light in the dark as I was finished, I was down and dusted going down into the drain. My dream is to help ladies with maternity outfits, plus size clothes and long leg clothes and to open a school of sewing.